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Allington Primary School

Primary School




Mornings:        8.45 - 12.00                   Afternoons:     1.00 - 3.10

KS1 (32.5 hours)

Mornings:        8.45 - 12.00                    Afternoons:     1.00 - 3.15

KS2 (32.9 hours)

Mornings:        8.45 - 12.20                     Afternoons:     1.20- 3.20

Children may enter the school building from 8:35 am . They make their way through either the top or bottom gate and go straight to the classroom where they will be met by the class teacher. 

If your child is absent from school through illness, please contact the school office via the absence reporting tab on Parentmail or by telephoning before 9:00 a.m. stating the reason for absence.

If your child has to attend a dental or medical appointment during the school day, please give the school the information in writing let us know in advance that the child will arrive late on that day.  The Headteacher is unable to grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. To request a leave of absence, please complete the form at the bottom of the page and hand it in to the school office. Alternatively, collect a paper copy from the office.

In order for children to achieve their potential, they need to be in school. The children’s attendance at school is monitored, as is their lateness. Being late to school can be disruptive to both the child and the rest of the school and is not conducive to a settled start to the day. All children who are late to school MUST be accompanied to the school office by an adult so that they can sign in the child with an explanation for their lateness provided on the system.

It is the school’s policy to notify parents of their child’s attendance and/ or lateness should  either fall below 96%. Letters are issued to parents periodically through the year to alert them to issues with attendance and opportunities are offered to meet with the Inclusion team to find solutions to improving attendance and/ or punctuality.