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Allington Primary School

Primary School

Allington Primary from the eyes of the children

These are a few of the views of children in our school - they are as proud of the school as we are!

I like Allington because the teachers are kind. (Reception)

The school is very good at helping other people and being kind to each other (Reception)

I like playing with my friends. (Reception)

I like everything. (Reception)

I like Allington because the children are helpful.  They help me find my coat. (Reception)


When I come to school I'm happy, excited and hardworking! (Year 2)

We get asked lots of questions to make us think. (Year 2)

I feel proud to be here.  I feel happy, this school makes me happy. (Year 2)

We raise money for people who need it more than us. (Year 3)

Teachers teach in different and fun ways to make it exciting. (Year 4)


It's good at Allington Primary School because the teachers respect us and each other and we learn new things.  In our school everyone is kind and you can make new friends.  (Year 5)

We feel protected and never lonely.  (Year 5)

When I wake up in the morning and go to school, I can't wait.  This school is really good and I am going to find it hard to leave. (Year 5)

I love Allington Primary School!  It is an amazing school and we have so much fin.  There is a friendly atmosphere and we do all sorts of different lessons.  (Year 5)


The school is an amazing place for children like me as the teachers always make sure that you are positive towards your learning and that you can always practise and improve.  (Year 6)

When we have worries, we have plenty of people to talk too.  (Year 6)

I love this school because my teachers are really kind and help me understand something if I am stuck.  They challenge me with things, which I really like!  They teach in a way that everyone understands.  (Year 6)

I really like Allington Primary School because of the teachers, they are kind, loving, loyal and thoughtful.  One of my favourite parts of the day is when Mrs Howson reads us a story in assembly; it shows us that picture books are not only for little children.  (Year 6)

I feel accepted.  (Year 6)