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Allington Primary School

Primary School


We aspire to provide an environment that is stimulating, challenging and a place where children feel it is safe to learn from their mistakes.

Our approach to learning is child-centred, inclusive and is focused on the development of the whole child, both socially and academically. We are incredibly proud to offer an enriching learning experience for the children through a broad and balanced curriculum. Our learning culture is one of pride, self-motivation and resilience. From their start in Reception, we encourage the children to develop enquiring minds with the independence and determination to succeed at all they set their minds to.

We want our children to be happy in their learning and to take pride in their achievements. We will ensure that our children are aware of the world in which they live and understand the need to play an active role within the local and wider community. We expect our children to make a positive contribution to the communities they are part of by being responsible, polite, compassionate and respectful.

We are exceptionally proud to have been awarded the Gold level of the National SMSC Quality Mark in June 2023.  The report below has many positive comments.    In summary, the report states, "There really are so many positive and creative initiatives at Allington with a vast array of opportunities and activities to enrich SMSC and the lives of your pupils. I congratulate you and everyone and the school community on the Gold standard of SMSC education that is afforded to your pupils."

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important, and most daunting, decisions a parent has to undertake. At Allington, it is our privilege to nurture the whole child and as such, we aim to provide a balance of social, moral and academic learning opportunities.  Your child is as important to us as they are to you, and we strive to ensure that the time they spend in our care enables them to flourish and achieve their full potential.

We provide a solid foundation for life-long learning in our happy, high achieving school. Our children and staff have high expectations of themselves, demonstrate mutual respect and aspire to excel. We are a school to which the whole school community, children, staff, parents and governors are proud to belong. We hope that all of the members of our school community will come to regard the time they have spent with us as enjoyable, valuable and supportive.

We believe that together we make a difference and by sharing the same values, we  help each other to be the most responsible, considerate and positive human beings we can be.

Our core values:


Pulling together as one unit- staff, parents, governors and the local community.


Having fun taking learning seriously, but not ourselves.


Stimulating dreams ambitions and positive actions.


Taking care of the children and believing in their potential.


Finding new and better ways to engage and develop ourselves and the children.

Alongside our school values, we recognise the importance of ensuring our children understand and follow our British values. These values are embedded within our curriculum, and they are values the children live by as well as learn and they underpin our 'No Outsiders' mindset.