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Home learning

 These are unprecented times with no definitive end in sight. I know that there are some parents feeling  pressurised into maintaining an academic environment at home. Home is not the same as school and you are fighting a very challenging battle trying to make it so! Each week we will send home some home learning packs to help you add structure to your days. The packs won’t work for everyone, and that is fine and equally, they will be the saving grace for others- and that’s fine too! However you make these coming weeks work for you it would be great if the children:

  • Completed a little bit of reading every day (independent, shared, to them or via audiobook etc)- World Book Online has just made 3,000 ebooks and audiobooks available free for children. 
  • Had some free writing time now and then. They could keep a diary, put together a recipe book of the things you have made together – reluctant writers could even draw a comic strip of a day in your household?
  • Completed some practical, hands on maths. Be that via cooking, cleaning, constructing things outside or they could play some maths games using resources like Numbots and TT Rockstars
  • Enjoyed activities that improve their motor skills- building with Lego, cutting templates/ shapes/ pictures, using playdough and most importantly tidying up their toys!
  • Were physical- they could spend some time with Joe Wickes or complete a Cosmic yoga session to engage in physical exercise everyday- practising sports skills in the garden is a great idea too!
  • Had a chance to be creative- enjoy some art and music where possible through the week- there are so many fabulous drawing tutorials out there and singing is good for the soul! You could even take a virtual tour of museums via Google Arts and Culture.
  • Developed their tactical and critical thinking by playing board games or card games like Uno and Monopoly.
  • Played imaginative games, the more independent the better because this is how children learn the skill of occupying themselves and learning to just be! It is really important that they learn now that having time to oneself, to collect their own thoughts and be immersed in something all to themselves is really valuable.

Below are some additional suggestions to support your time at home.  It is not a list to follow and some will fit your children and some will not, but hopefully they will be useful! The document at the bottom has several websites as well as those detailed below.  We will continue to update this as we discover more resources to support your home learning.  

BBC school radio

There are many programmes including audio books.


Free at the moment.  Offers animated movies on topics in maths, science and English

Education City

Lots of games to support English and Maths skills.

Joe Wicks

Starting Monday 23rd March at 9am, Joe will be using his youtube channel to do a 30 minute work out for children at home 

Litfilmfestival  This link will take you to resources and online activities to promote writing.  

My Maths

Excellent for using for lessons as well as homework.  Please complete any activities you would like, remember you can access different year groups if you feel your child needs a challenge or a bit of revision in a particular aspect of the curriculum.

Now Press Play

Access through and use password parentmailed earlier in the week.  There are 21 learning experiences from Foundation Stage to KS2 for the children to take part in.

Oxford Reading Tree

Books from the reading scheme available online for free 


They are offering free online learning sessions through this link They will be starting next week.

STEM activities

Family learning ideas for Science and technology through 

Timestable rockstars

Great resource for revision of multiplication and division facts.


From the organisation behind Ted talks.  This is lessons from around the world in a wide range of subjects.  Free during closures.


Workbooks can be downloaded for free from


Free during school closures.  Offers coding lessons.