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Allington Primary School

Primary School

No outsiders


We aim for all children in our school to be happy and excited about living and learning in a community full of difference and diversity. No form of discrimination is tolerated at Allington Primary School and our children show respect for those who share the protected characteristics.

To ensure that our children embody this attitude, we have applied the principles of the 'No Outsiders in Our School' approach, using a text-based approach through which our children learn about equality and diversity. From our Reception classes through to our Year 6 classes, we use a range of texts, including picture books, to stimulate discussion and to promote an empathic approach to the world we live in. We do not teach about all the protected characteristics in every year group, but our curriculum is planned and delivered so that all of our children develop age appropriate knowledge and understanding. This in turn supports their understanding of the world in which they live and nurtures positive, respectful and inclusive attitudes.