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Allington Primary School

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Online safety

The world we live in is changing rapidly and technological advancements are at the heart of this. We know that the use of the internet, mobile phones and online Apps and games are rapidly becoming the norm and children have access to these from a young age. At Allington, we believe in equipping the children with the skills to use technology safely to ensure that they are digitally responsible.

At our school online safety is taught as part of our Citizenship and Computing curriculum.We have dedicated lessons to promote responsible internet use, as well as talking to the children about ensuring their use of technology is safe. We also have a team of fantastic online safety ambassadors: The Digital Leaders! Our online safety ambassadors know how important it is to help the whole school community use the internet and technology responsibly and are happy to help us develop our knowledge of online safety. They are working together to plan assemblies for the children to help them understand how to use technology safely- we are lucky to have such a dedicated team!

We have included links to support both children and parents with online - safety concerns. These of course can be discussed with Mrs Howson, our named DSL. 

When developing policies and procedures, we follow online safety guidance provided to us by Kent County Council and the Education Safeguarding advisor. Our Online Safety policy is held within the policies section of the website - this policy is reviewed annually.

Below are some accessible, quick reference guides to help navigate the minefield that is online safety. We hope you find them useful.