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Allington Primary School

Primary School


Senior Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher Mrs J Young
Headteacher Mrs C Howson
Inclusion Manager Mrs E Burton-Grange 
Deputy Headteacher Mrs L Abbasi

Core Subject leaders

English Lead Mrs A Ashcroft
Maths Lead Mrs K Court
EYFS Leads Mrs L Martin and Miss L Brown

Teaching Staff

Reception Team  
Class Teachers Miss L Brown and Mrs Martin
Support Staff Mrs J Davis, Miss L Harker, Ms R Lewis, Miss N Georgieva, Mrs J Griffiths and Mrs S Murphy
Year One Team  
Class Teachers Mrs F Sharpe, Mrs M Wilson and Mrs A Collie
Support Staff Mrs C Winchcombe, Mrs J Down and Mrs J Hicks
Year Two Team  
Class Teachers Mrs A Ashcroft and Miss K Wright
Support Staff Mrs D Mills and Miss A Martin
Year Three Team  
Class Teachers Miss D Spry, Mr M Bass and Mrs A Jones
Support Staff Miss N Elliott, Mrs J Harvey and Mrs A Cekaj
Year Four Team  
Class Teachers Mrs V Rudden and Miss E Harber
Support Staff Mrs E Waterman, Mrs S Colclough, Mrs J Preston and Mrs A Baldwin
Year Five Team  
Class Teachers Mrs L Abbasi, Mrs S Wellings and Mrs K Court
Support Staff Mrs A Woodard, Mrs S Carpenter, Mrs L Crumpling and Mrs A Lowe
Year Six Team  
Class Teachers Mrs H Sweeney and Mr L Jackson
Support Staff Mrs K Clark and Mrs K Prigg


PPA Teachers Mrs J Smith, Mrs C Veitch and Mrs T Moy
School dog Ludo
Trust HR Officer Mrs J Wimpenny
Finance Assistant Mrs A Marshall
Admissions Assistant Miss S Field
FLO Mrs K Hughes
Speech and Language support Mrs D Francis
Caretaker Mr D Lawlor
Breakfast and after school club  
Club coordinator Mrs J Hicks
Club and midday meal staff Mrs M Leggatt
Club staff Miss K Gill and Mrs J Harvey



Statutory Financial Information:

No member of staff earns a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more in increments of £10,000