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Allington Primary School

Primary School


Be flexible with the organisation of your day

You and your child may find it really helpful to build structure into your day- the class timetable is available on Google Classroom to help if you need it. However, it is important to be flexible, remote learning is a new experience for us all and some days you may find it easier to do things in a different order- that's ok. You may also have days when not everything gets done – this is ok too! 

Continue to nurture your child's independence

Some of you will have more than one child at home trying to complete remote learning. This can be very challenging, especially if children vary in age. Please remember that in school children would not have a grown up with them at all times while they are working. Encourage your child to have a go on their own and if they need your help, try to get them to have a go at solving problems themselves before you help them. This allows you to take a step back and do the many other things that you need to do, but it also encourages your child to use the skills they have learnt in school. Independent learning skills are so important and the children need to maintain their ability to work independently so that they can resume learning in a class with 30 children in it with ease.

When our younger children are reading or writing in school, they would be expected to use the sounds that they have learnt in their phonic lessons. This may mean that spelling is not correct, and that is ok because they will learn to correct this as they learn more spelling patterns through their phonics. Further up the school, children will be attempting to use the spelling patterns they have learned in their reading and writing- again, with varying accuracy. You can show the children the correct spelling- this is something we would do in school. For more complex words the children would be supported by a teacher word bank or dictionaries- this could be something you have in place at home too. 

Recognise their hard work

At school the children learn that we value quality over quantity and that it is not just the end result that is important in learning- the most important thing is that they try their best! Don’t worry about each piece of work being perfect and please don't feel that the children need to correct every mistake. Instead, recognies the effort they have put in and for the careful thought behind their ideas. 

Take a break!

It is so important that time is built into your day for 'down time'. Make sure you have regular breaks for playing, relaxing and exercising. There will be times when you and your child are struggling- when that happens, stop and do something fun. Remember, everyday life, fun, playing and talking are important for learning too.

Stay connected

Learning is important, but don’t forget that one of the most important things your child gets from school is a chance to be with friends and develop their social skills. Allowing them to speak to their friends by phone or video chat is good for their wellbeing, and speaking to other parents is good for yours too!

Most importantly, be kind to yourselves! These are unprecedented times and we are all learning to manage as we go and we need to look after ourselves and each other to get through them. Some learning tasks will be easier to complete at home than others- remember you can ask learning related questions on Google Classroom when you need to!