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Allington Primary School

Primary School


We consider our school uniform to be a crucial part of the high expectations that we have for our school. Your support is very much appreciated and we would ask that all parents ensure that children come to school dressed appropriately.

Children are not permitted to wear items of jewellery, other than a plain wrist watch and a small pair of plain studs (no greater than 3mm diameter). Children with inappropriate earrings will be advised to remove them.

We advise parents considering piercing their child’s ears to do so at the start of the summer holiday in order to give them 6 weeks to heal before returning to school. Where ears have been recently pierced during term time, children are expected to tape them over while they have PE. Following the 6 weeks, children are expected to remove earrings for PE lessons.

 Children are not permitted to wear make up- including nail varnish. Long hair should be tied back at all times. Hair clips and hair bands should be green and small in size. Short hair should be smart too. We do not permit shaved hairstyles or 'extreme' hairstyles. This includes patterns shaved into the hair, hairstyles involving 'tails' or longer strips in the middle. It is important to us that the children take pride in their appearance and their presentation should be smart at all times.

Many items of our school uniform can be purchased from high street shops.  Specific uniform items are available to order from Pages, either direct from the shop or online at

Our current uniform consists of:

  • Grey pinafore dress, skirt, skort, cullottes or smart grey trousers (please note pinafore shorts/ jumpsuits are not permitted)
  • Allington School polo shirt, white shirt or white blouse
  • Allington School sweatshirt/cardigan or bottle green jumper/cardigan
  • Grey, green or black tights or grey or white socks
  • Sensible black shoes


  • Black shorts
  • Green school P.E t-shirt
  • Trainers
  • Black track suit

Many children wear the school sweatshirt with grey skirts or grey trousers. The summer uniform which may be worn in Terms 1, 5 and 6 consists of, in addition to the items listed above, green checked summer dresses and grey shorts. Headscarves/hijab: these may be worn for religious reasons but must be plain and either black or green in colour.